Surry Logistix

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  American manufacturing is regaining its ability to make products faster and more cost effectively. Despite news of plant closures and unemployed autoworkers, the machining and parts manufacturing industry continues to be one of the largest employers in the country and a major contributor to our economy. Motor vehicle and parts manufacturing is constantly evolving to improve efficiency and provide products that consumers want in a highly competitive market. It also means companies and workers must quickly adapt to marketplace changes and implement new technologies.

Surry Logistix provides full-service, close-tolerance contract machining of small parts and laser cutting of various armor and mild steel components. In addition to these machining services, the company is a sourcing point for HUMVEE® vehicle parts.

Our manufacturing plant is located in Mt. Airy, North Carolina. From this base, we are poised to meet the demands of armored vehicle and related products manufacturers throughout the USA.

Our mission is to distribute and support only the highest quality services and products. With this as its primary mission, we work closely with our valued clients to establish solid business relationships within North Carolina and national markets. Today's market requires new approaches to marketing and client satisfaction.

Today's client is seeking the most cost-effective alternatives while expecting the best possible products and services from its vendor base. Surry Logistix provides all of the above to the automotive, governmental, and Industrial marketplace.